This is a smoking cessation program designed to help people in Kitchener Waterloo quit smoking. We offer nicotine replacement therapy, prescription medication, and follow up support through a personalized quit plan and side effect management to help you be successful.

The program provides support over the period of 1 year, however, most of the follow up will occur in the first 3-4 months as this is the most difficult time. Our program is setup to have at least 8 follow up visits, however this can be adjusted based on your specific needs.

The program is run by Neil Malhotra, and Michael Pe. Both are registered pharmacists, and have completed training through CAMH called the TEACH program to assist you with quitting smoking. If you have any questions about our experience please get in touch.

It starts by meeting with the pharmacist, either in person or over the phone to gather your medical history and develop a quit plan. If you decide to take medication we will incorporate that into the plan as well. Any prescription medication needs to be prescribed in person, however, your refills can be delivered to you free of charge.

It is for anyone in Waterloo Region who wants to quit smoking or using tobacco products. Whether it is someone who has been unsuccessful in quitting smoking in the past, or those quitting for the first time, we are here to help you quit smoking.

There are many different products available from patches, gum, spray, inhaler, mini lozenge. Let us know if you are looking for a product that we don't carry.

There are many flavours available, we carry fresh mint and cool mint as they are most popular for the gum, however let us know if there is a flavour you would prefer.

No problem! You can definitely do that and we will still support you through your journey, and provide instructions on how to use your products, and help manage any potential side effects.

For Ontario residents who are 65 , residents on Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program, OHIP+ or the Trillium Drug Program this service is covered by the government. In addition any prescriptions will be covered for up to 12 weeks. Nicotine replacement therapy is not covered. For others who are not covered, the plan costs $150.00 plus the cost of any supplies.

If we assume someone smoking a pack of cigarettes a day spends around 7-13 dollars a pack that would be around $600-$1080 in 12 weeks. If we look at the cost of patches at 26 dollars a week and the cost of the support program this would come to $450. This would still allow someone to purchase addition nicotine replacement such as gum, lozenge, or inhaler to help with cravings. Use our calculator below to find out how much you might be spending on cigarettes in 3 months.

For gum 105 pieces will cost 42.99, most people will use 10-15 pieces a day, however this can be variable. For nicotine patches they cost 24.99 per week. Other options include lozenges, mist, and inhaler which cost 42.99 for each container.

No, we are committed to see you quit successfully. We are not here to judge and we understand quitting isn’t easy. We want there to be open communication so that we can help guide you with how to restart and modify your quit plan if necessary. However, in the case that we aren’t able to stay in contact after 1 month of trying to reach you we will have to restart the program.

You will be charged at your initial consultation for the cost of the support program, however you will only pay for any prescription medication or nicotine replacement if needed.