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Winter Sickness Got You Down?

No one likes getting sick. When you are sick, the last thing you probably want to do is leave the house! At Apothecare, we understand – and that’s why we offer free, same-day prescription delivery to all residents in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Need antibiotics to fight off that winter sickness? We will have it to your door within hours of your order. And if you aren’t feeling up to a phone call, you can simply text us instead. We want to do everything we can to help you recover in comfort. 

If you prefer, you can also pick up your prescription at our pharmacy, located at 439 Park St #1 in Kitchener.

How It Works

When you send us your prescription, we will reach out as soon as possible. In some cases, we may need to order your specific product – but we will still let you know that we have received your information! For pick-up, orders are usually ready within 15-20 minutes. For delivery, we are happy to work with your unique schedule to find a time that works best. 


Send Us Your Prescription

Get started by transferring your prescription. Send us your previous pharmacy information here. Your doctor can fax your prescription to us, or you can also send us a photo.


We Contact You

We contact you when your prescription is ready, either email, text message, phone, whichever you prefer. If you would like your prescription delivered we will setup a time for delivery.

Free, Same Day Delivery!

We just need someone who can sign for the delivery such as a friend, family member or neighbour. If you prefer, you can also pick up your prescription in person.

Call Or Text Us At: 519-945-1055

Pick Up In-Store

439 Park St #1, Kitchener

Prefer to pick up? Sometimes, picking up a prescription can be easier, especially if you’re on your way home from the doctor’s office.

If that’s the case for you, drop by our pharmacy and get your prescription filled, usually within 15-20 minutes.


Mon-Fri: 9am – 7pm
Saturday: 9am-2pm
Sunday: Closed

We’re Here To Help

Stay home when you’re sick and let Apothecare help you get better! And don’t worry if you’ve never been to our pharmacy before. If you need a refill and you haven’t been to our store before, we’ve got you covered. 

All we need is your name, date of birth, and the contact number of your previous pharmacy. Then we can transfer the prescription over – you won’t need to do a thing.

Call or text us at 519-945-1055 to fill your prescription now! Or you can visit us in store at 439 Park Street #1 in Kitchener.

Still have questions? Fill out our contact form below. 

Call Or Text Us At: 519-945-1055